Rapid Prototyping

What is Rapid Prototyping?


Brass castings made through our Rapid Prototyping process

‘Rapid Prototyping’ or ‘3D Printing’ – the creation of a solid, three-dimensional object by any one of several methods, be it extruding tiny droplets of molten plastic, through sintering powdered metal with a laser, to selectively setting liquid resin which reacts to ultra-violet light. About the only feature common to all methods is that the material is built up as a series of very thin layers one atop the other. Some methods give coarse detail but the material is very strong, some methods produce exquisite detail but are very slow and therefore expensive, plus the material is usually very soft/weak/brittle.

RP is often sole topic of conversation at gatherings of modellers, but yet it remains shrouded in mystery. What’s worse is, often the end result doesn’t live up to the supposed capabilities of the technology. Why is this, we all wonder? Part of the problem is that a lot depends on the skill of the designer in selecting the best method and material for the job and in designing how an object fits together.

What we can do for you

Paul has worked professionally for over ten years as a CAD draughtsman specialising in marine engineering, with much time spent working in 3D, so he understands the why’s and wherefore’s of how to build things, and perhaps most importantly, how to build things for the least cost. He also knows how to communicate clearly, how to listen properly, and takes care to ensure that he is delivering what the customer wants.

Woodsworks can supply .stl (Surface Tessellation Language) files for the customer to use themselves, or arrange the production of finished parts by handling all stages from design and mastering in resin through to casting of copies in brass.

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