Timber Strip Wood

Click here to orderWe manufacture timber strip ‘in-house’ to standard sizes or custom made for you. Click here to view our strip wood price list. To buy strip wood or order other products, get in touch through our Contact Us page.

Other Products

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To order, please get in touch on our Contact Us page.

We also stock the following:

  • Humbrol acrylic paints
  • Sleepers – PCB and wooden
  • Solder wire – 100, 138, 179, 183, 221, 227, 296
  • Solder paint – 188
  • Weathering powders
  • Styrene sheet
  • Weatherboard sheet
  • Dowelling
  • Turnouts
  • Ballast
  • Spikes
  • Rail
  • Flux – Carr’s red, yellow, orange, green
  • Metal blackening solution for – aluminium, brass, nickel silver, steel
  • Microengineering bridge kits and parts – HO and N scales
  • Microengineering turnouts and flex track