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Woodsworks has retired

Due to steadily worsening back problems caused by an old accident injury, I have made the difficult decision to retire from the business of manufacturing wood strip completely. It is amazing to think that I first started doing this in 2001! Unfortunately, I cannot predict when I will experience a flare-up of back pain, leading to turnaround times for orders dragging out to what I think is an unacceptable extent. I care very much about providing good service, so you may appreciate that it is stressful when I am prevented from achieving this. I wish to thank all my customers for their support over the years, particularly those whose patience was tested when my health problems got the better of me.

Another consideration is that I need to see some progress on building my own model railroad, which has stalled due to the wood machining requiring more time than I can afford nowadays. I am working in US-prototype O-scale 2-rail, and I am a big fan of the New York Central. I am keeping my website alive for the time being, so that with a bit of luck, I can post images of my layout build as things develop.